Fear, Your Friend or Enemy. You Get to Choose.

Fear, such a powerful word,  or is it? It is whatever we make it. It is the emotion that we are taught as children to avoid or ignore because it makes us appear weak or indecisive. So,  as adults, we have no relationship with an emotion that can either protect us, help move us forward, keep us stuck or make us go back to a place we need to leave. The only way to determine which place to put our fears is to get to know them, feel them and make them submit to our will. We get to choose, therein lies our power, we get to choose.

What exactly is fear? It is defined as: “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, whether the threat is real or imagined.” Real or imagined. I’ve found that imagined fears tend to carry much more weight in our minds than the real ones. Real fears are those tangible things we can touch, fire, drowning, things that pose a threat to our lives and well being. Imagined fears, I’m not good enough, they don’t like me, I’m not pretty or handsome, I’m worthless, will never amount to anything, nobody loves me. These are what I call the killer fears, the imagined fears that cripple lives. Killer fears can invade all areas of our lives causing stagnation and spiritual death, leading to unfulfilled lives.

How to dispel killer fears?

1. Acknowledge the fear you’re feeling. Feel what you’re feeling, don’t dismiss it. It won’t go away, so, acknowledge it in the moment.

2. Stay with it for a while, let it envelope your mind and body. Notice how it affects your body, tightness, shortness of breath, flushes, panic. Don’t fight the sensations.

3. Ask yourself why your reaction is so powerful. Is it childhood memories, an actual experience that caused the fear?

4. Now examine if the cause of your fear is credible. Does it have a basis in truth. Where is the evidence? Or, does the evidence discredit your fear?

5. Breathe. No really, breathe. Take 5 long, slow breathes in your nose and out your nose to slow your heart and reset your brain. If needed, take 5 more. This will take the panic away and allow you to calmly examine your fear in an objective manner.

5. Examine the evidence. Is your fear real or imagined. Adjust response accordingly.

6. Most powerful, call it THE fear, not MY fear. It’s only yours if you claim. Claim only those things that move you along in life.

New Beginnings

I’m excited contemplating the positive changes the New Year is going to bring to my life and the lives of my children and grandchildren. I’m more excited to see what miracles God is going to make happen in our lives before the end of 2014. My spirit is screaming “Change, changes.”
My heart is overjoyed by the closeness that I’ve been blessed to experience in my relationship with God. It is a very true statement,  “When you transform your heart, you transform your life.” I encourage you to take time to get quiet
and allow the Holy Spirit to enter your heart and to let that love flow out of you into the lives of others. Be blessed. Selah.

Peace & Prosperity,

Professional Presence Tips

Professional Presence Tips

7 Secrets to Effective Professional Presence

Your image is a walking business card communicating who you are as a professional. For optimal impact, you want to be sure you make very focused and conscious choices about the messages your image ‘business card’ is transmitting, noting especially if it is aligned with your professional aspirations. Your appearance is your expression to others about who you are and what you stand for. The way you look reflects your self image, attitude, confidence and state of mind. A strong, purposeful presence is the hallmark of an effective image. When you look good (and you know it), you naturally feel more confident. You tend to radiate an aura of effortless positive energy which becomes contagious and magnetic. Others will be drawn to you and respond with the same positive energy that you yourself project.

As a professional image consultant I’ve worked with many women who find themselves stuck wearing a variation of a “uniform” to work. They are bored, uninspired and quite frankly, frustrated with their wardrobe choices and inability to have the presence at work they desire. I get it. So I want to share a few tips with you (just in case the notion of a uniform sounds familiar) to help. Here are seven effective ways to immediately enhance your professional image so you look polished and pulled together and feel absolutely confident!

1. Invest in quality pieces. Your clothing is an important career investment. Look for timeless, well made designs and mix these up with more stylish accents based on your personal style. What you wear and the way you treat yourself dictates how others will treat you. If you dress like a winner and act like a winner, people will treat you like one.

2. Image is so much more than the clothes you wear. It is your total package including your clothing, but equally as important, how you accessorize, how groomed you are, your poise and posture, non verbal cues, your ability to maintain eye contact, and so much more. Do you know how are you stacking up? Being honest about the answer to this question is critical.

3. You are a walking business card which conveys a personal brand whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you are an upwardly mobile professional, a senior executive with a high profile position, an entrepreneur, speaker or someone in the public eye, once you are representing a company or interacting with customers, clients or your followers in any way, you better believe you’re a brand. This means that your image is communicating important messages about your product and/or service just as your marketing collateral is. Is your personal brand in synch with your company’s brand? Think about it and modify accordingly.

4. I can never emphasize enough the importance of using color strategically. Colors convey their own ‘energy’ and you need to understand how to use colors in business to achieve different outcomes. Dark colors like black and navy blue, convey seriousness, “all business” and authority. Brown, while professional, has less authority than black or navy and engenders reliability and security. Pastels colors are soft and convey approachability and femininity. And red communicates strength, confidence, command and assertiveness and a bit of daring. Know the colors that make you shine and rock them.

5.Never be frumpy. Let your business associates see you dressed to a ‘T’ every day, not just for special occasions. Be consistent with your image and what it communicates. Take your presentation of yourself as seriously as you do your work. Pay attention to the details. Tags that show on accessories, broken buttons, wrinkled clothing, scuffed shoes, labels that show— all project sloppiness and detract from your image no matter how fabulous your ensemble.

6. Express yourself while still being professionally appropriate. Don’t get yourself in a clothing rut, wearing the same styles, colors or silhouettes all the time (the ‘uniform’). Use fashion trends as a way to experiment with new looks that express your style and compliment your wardrobe. You don’t need to be a slave to fashion, just open enough to try those items that have appeal to you. If you’re cautious, start small—try on a belt you find appealing and see how it makes you feel. Or a new shade of red. Experiment with fabric and patterns. You’d be surprised about what you can discover about yourself once you dare to allow yourself the permission to have fun with your wardrobe.

7. Do you command attention when you walk into a room? ‘Presence’, that ability to project a sense of ease, poise, command or self-assurance is an energy and an attitude. It can be magnetic. It draws people to you. When it is purposeful, you have created the equivalent of a slam dunk in your professional interactions. Get clear on the effect you want to convey to others. Then dress accordingly to achieve effective professional presence.

Credit: Elan Image Management


WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to my new online home! I’m very excited to begin a new journey in this phase of my life. I’ve created a business named, The Londyn Look, an Image Consulting and Personal Branding venture. It is my mission to help empower women to be comfortable and confident in their appearance and comportment in the world at large. I am a visionary, a dreamer and a warrior, who sets out to conquer mountains and break down walls. As a two time conqueror of breast cancer, and after facing and overcoming the challenges of homelessness and depression on my journey to success and fulfillment, The Londyn Look was born. My vision for The Londyn Look is to erase the feelings of inferiority and inadequacy falsely forced on women by society and their own self-imposed judgement. The Londyn Look is a holistic approach to helping a woman define and refine her look and her life. The result is an accomplished and extraordinary Whole Woman. I extend an invitation to you and your friends to join me on this journey to discovering the new and improved you. Who knows, I may discover something new about myself, which is probably guaranteed. 🙂

10171733_464158223715300_5652212749995985963_nThis reads; “What a blessing to stand on the the planet as a woman, a creative and divine instrument of the infinite intelligence of life. Not only are we divine, we are phenomenal.” Art of Integrity